Thursday, 18 September 2008

One Night.

PicFic 3

PicFic 3
Zoran: Estrella

PicFic 3

PicFic 3
Zoran:*grabs her wrist* What the hell was that for!?

PicFic 3
Estie: Get the hell away from me! *shoves*
Zoran: *crashes into table*

PicFic 3
Zoran: If its a fight you want Estie...

PicFic 3
Zoran: *Whack!*
Estie: *crashes into bar*

PicFic 3
Estie: *shaking with fury* People are staring. Lets take this upstairs.


PicFic 3
Estie: Why are you here?
Zoran: ...
Estie: I asked why are you here!? Why come see me now after leaving me to die twice!
Zoran: I had to. You know that.

PicFic 3
Estie: *pins him down* No! No you didn't! Not the second time! *raises fist*

PicFic 3
Zoran: *quickly sits up, throwing Estie's punch off.* Don't make me do something I don't want to, Estie!
Estie: Fuck you.
Zoran: Fine.

PicFic 3
Zoran: *flips her over and pins her down* Are you going to stop trying to hit me?
Estie: *tries to hit him*

PicFic 3
Zoran: *slams her against the wall*
Estie: *cry of pain*
Zoran: *throws her on the bed*

PicFic 3
Zoran: You left me as well! You left all of us but took that pansy Ector with you!
Estie: I didn't leave you all to die! You weren't captured by the enemy or being chased!

PicFic 3
Zoran: *kneels on the bed looking like he's going to hit her* You might as well have!
Estie: What?! What do you mean?!

PicFic 3
Zoran: *calms down* After you left us... everything got worse. Tessla, Krystal and Jonas left and then so did I. You seemed to have an effect on everyone.
Estie: I'm... I'm sorry. But I needed to, I trully needed to...

PicFic 3
Estie: *moves closer* I was a leader..
Zoran: Was?!
Estie: *nods* Was a leader and I needed to set things right after the raid in London. You told me so yourself. *shakes her head angrily* Why am I explaining myself to you?! You left us all as well, not just me and we never were given a reason!

PicFic 3
Zoran: *looks at her and raises a hand to her cheek* I was running away from you. That moment we shared before rocked me to my core and I couldn't... can't handle it.

PicFic 3
Zoran: I can't handle how I feel about you... you make me so angry and ..
Estie: *pulls him down onto the bed* Handle it for one night...*kiss*


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Estie's Diary Entry - 17 Sept 2309

It has been a long time since I last wrote. I lost the urge to after everything.
Things moved rapidly after Zoran coaxed me to join him on a mission in Oslo.
We infiltrated the palace to gather information on the King. He publicly encouraged the rebellion whilst there were more than justified rumours that behind close doors he was funding the Anubis forces to keep the fights off his land and to protect him. I was disgusted, as the leader of the rebels I felt trully betrayed. Perhaps that is why I wasn't on the mark when we had to escape. I ended up caught by guards as Zoran and I ran through the great halls. Zoran was ahead of me when a guard tripped me up, sending me sprawling to the floor and pinned by more guards. It sickened me when Zoran looked back and it that moment I knew he wasn't coming back for me, he jumped straight out the window. He had no choice, bullets were flying by that time but it hurt to be so alone.

Anyway, I was taken to the dungeons and thrown in with another girl, Tessla. She was incredible support and over a few days, I think a week we'd planned to escape. The plan worked and the next day we were running for it out the palace and met another woman as we ran, Krystal, an ice mage. Funnily enough, Zoran had sent a small rescue team (Jonas, Ector, Ace and Jadeel) who were running to the palace. Of course we eventually met halfway and came back to the port to get back on board the ship. However Zoran had left us all. That son of a bitch left all of us there to be captured and inevitably executed. We ran for the woodland on the outskirt of the city, it gave some cover whilst we tried to find our bearings and plan. The time wasn't enough, we were ambushed. We took quite a beating and were close to being finished when Tsorak appeared with re enforcements. Tsorak was Zoran's first mate, he was a bit of idiot in my opinion but he saved us with his team. He told me Zoran was dead. He wasn't. But he had very nearly been, I never found out the details.

We all returned to the Leviathan, most of us immediately rushed in the Infirmary; Tessla and I especially, since we had been starved for a week and had been beaten badly in captivity as well as in the ensuing fights. I myself had a nice collection of bullet holes in my thighs. Zoran was still unconscious when we returned. Apparently he'd had somesort of fight, been badly stabbed and then tranced. The trance apparently saved his life.

Once everyone was awake and fine, I noticed Zoran wasn't talking to me. I think he could tell I wanted to take his head off his shoulders for leaving us all. Ector also hated him but more because I had told him about my feelings for the captain. I'd realised by this time why I felt so sickened why he jumped out the window, I'd fallen for him. This is when Ector admitted he had done the same, only he had fallen for me.

We had a beach party to celebrate us all being alive and rescued. It failed miserably to raise spirits. Ector and I left that night together to find any rebels who might have survived the slaughter at London. We found a good few. I also stepped down from leadership and gave the role to a good friend of mine in Paris. Eve does a brilliant job. With my survivors and Ector, I set up a new base in Japan. High amongst the tree canopy in a deep dark forest where viera and rogue samurai live. We made friends with both of the other groups in the forest. We live happily together. My base control things like battles, we strategise, fight and assassinate.

I've literally just come home after an assignment in Egypt and as usual arrived too late to fly my craft (The Flitter) into the forest. Light levels are much too low so I am staying in town at the tavern. The townsfolk are very anti Anubis so we are welcomed as heroes. However tonight even here I feel uneasy and cannot sleep. Hence I'm writing in here. I think I'll go have a drink at the bar.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Zoran's Captain Log 11 April 2308

The ship will be arriving at Oslo shortly. The country is a rebel safehold, or at least that is how the citizens see it. I, however have reason to believe that the King is secretively funding the ANUBIS forces in return for security.

I plan to infiltrate the palace to find proof of either his innocence or the most likely, his guilt.

Estrella is still on board and has graciously agreed to work with my crew and myself in the task ahead. She is very argumentitive lately and doesn't seem to want to talk to me. I cannot help but wonder if I should explain my earlier actions to her. She told me some very personal things about her life, she has been through very much. Yes, I think I shall try and talk to her at dinner tonight.

There are others on board with us now; Ace, Ector and Jadeel. I don't particularly think much of any of them, none are of much use but at least Jadeel seems to enjoy cooking for everyone.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Estie's Diary Entry: 13 March 2308

Today's been insane. I mean REALLY insane.

I was sat in the mess hall of the ship this morning, just trying to think how I can sort things out with the rebels. I don't think I should have ever been left to lead them, I feel suffocated by my responsibilities and frankly I'm uncapable of it. Anyway, I digress.

I think Zoran had been looking for me, he looked glad once he saw me sat there. He asked me about my arm and checked it over, I imagin Jovalle (his on board medic/doctor) told him too.

We were talking and well I got upset all over again...and he kissed me...and I kissed back.

Its so unlike me to be like this, I'm so confused by my own emotions and even more so by his. I told him about my past today, about my parents, my brother and how he died right in front of me. I miss him ever so much, Zak protected me from so much and died when he failed to for the first time. I don't blame him... how could I? Once again, I am off topic.

I told Zoran about the rape, he looked shocked and then I think he started to understand why I am how I am. He really confuses me, maybe thats why I like him so much, because I just don't understand? He was so kind and caring today but once we left the hall he switched straight back to his rough harshness.

But then again... so did I.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Walking with Strangers (Pic fic, seriously heavy image load)


Estie and Zoran meet for the first time.
Estie: *runs and leans against a wall* I think I lost them...Oww my side!

Estie: I don't feel too..good...*drops whip onto floor with a clink*


Later on:

Zoran: Oh hell! *shakes Estie* Hello? Hello!? You're not dying on my watch!
*carries Estie to his ship*

On board:

Estie: Urrr...*starts to wake up* where am I? *turns over*

Zoran: Shush! You've had a nasty fight and you've broken your arm. Please just calm down!

After being looked after by Zoran's ship doctor:

Zoran: Here I brought you some food, you look like you need it.
Estie: :angry: What do you mean I look like I need it!?
Zoran: Well you've just had a big fight with the guards haven't you? I assume you are a rebel.

Estie: *bursts into tears* Yes... I'm Estrella. The leader... at least I was but... they were all killed! I'm all alone!

Zoran: You can stay here if you want. I'm Captain Zoran, this is the good ship Leviathan.

Estie: You mean it?
Zoran: *nods*
Estie: Thank you c'ptain. Please call me Estie.


A Few days later:

Estie: *thinking*

Zoran: Ah, here you are. How is your arm today?
Estie: Better, though its still very sore.
Zoran: May I have a look?

Zoran: *lifts Estie's arm and gently bends it*
Estie: *flinches* Oww...

Zoran: Well its healing quite quickly, even if its still hurting.
Estie: Oh, thats good.
Zoran: You don't sound so sure.

Estie: I'm just thinking... I need to find the other rebel groups and...and then ..I don't know. I failed them.

Zoran: Don't talk silly. You didn't fail them, you couldn't have predicted the guard raid on the headquarters... there was nothing you could do.
Estie: I can't do it Zoran... I can't lead them anymore, I'm all alone and I can't handle it anymore.

Zoran: You're not alone so long as you let people in. You don't have to be on your own.
Estie: But.. but..
Zoran: You're a clever girl Estie.